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a year ago, the peak period, the music Amoy in the bustling downtown area of Wangfujing in Beijing, vertical sales of B2C music Amoy occupy the center of Macao rented two storey office building, the peak period of more than 400 people. It was a good time to play with their competitors.

A year after the

, Wushirenfei, 400 people during the period of "brilliant" in. Along with the transformation to the footwear brand and after just a short time, Lok Beijing company is now the size of the number of 400 people from a sharp drop to more than and 40 today, which is located in Hangzhou team of nearly 20 people from downsizing to less than 10 people.

since the end of last year announced the restructuring of its own brand since the music Amoy is going through a difficult time since the establishment of the most painful.

as a sign of transformation, the removal of the vertical consignment to help people move the box, the burden of losing money, began the journey of the brand.

in the first half of this year, Le Amoy launched Chance (just), Lavis Chance Lavie (Le Wei), Imosii (Mo Xi), MANWILL (Mai Wei), C+ (Si Ga) in July, five of its own brand, its foreign claims data released monthly sales of more than 5 million, profits doubled than before. After this, the music Amoy no longer announced any data in the electricity supplier circles tend to silence.

, according to the music Amoy staff said, the music is still in the throes of restructuring. Insiders said, after the transformation is certainly a decline in sales, but made some progress, do the brand will take time." What happened in the second half of 2012 in the quiet of


Tencent technology recent survey shows that turbulence is the main theme of the music Amoy this time. Before the transition, music Amoy is a retailer, the need is category management capabilities, sales ability, capacity to flow, after the transition, the need is the ability to shape the brand, supply chain capabilities, reflecting the brand overflow. From the channel to the buyer, in the adjustment of the internal structure of Le Amoy, the entire supply chain shake, unable to adapt to the adjustment of the staff can only leave.

according to the music Amoy employees said, after the adjustment, music Amoy Beijing company only less than 100 people, and last month after the start of layoffs, leaving only more than and 40 people. Music Amoy in Hangzhou and Ali docking operations team, from nearly 20 people to adjust to less than 10 people; the current music Amoy design team located in Zhuhai, the specific number of unclear.

downsizing is the most direct way to reduce costs, but also to adjust the team’s ability to operate as before, moving the company’s morale." A person familiar with the music.

at the same time, the music began to settle settled Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon China and other open platform, the official website only sell its own brand, cut off part of the consignment. Music Amoy Tmall music Amoy official website flagship store sales music Amoy and >