webmaster network (reporter Shao Guihu)   as of September 30th morning, the webmaster network for a period of 3 days to update the PR survey shows that the site’s PR has been upgraded to 75%  .

3 days ago, PR updated again. The webmaster few joys and tears, as cheerful as a lark is, there are those who complain incessantly. For a time, people set off a heated discussion on PR.

image: PR

color for the Internet

PR is an integral part of the Google search ranking algorithm, used to identify the level and importance of web pages. Level from 1 to 10, 10 for the full score, the higher the PR value that the web search rankings in the status of the more important. In the same condition, has the priority of the PR value high site in Google search results ranking. PR as the core algorithm of Google, and even the image of the endorsement, to add color to the dull Internet links.


: beyond all expectations do not follow the routine the cards

according to the previous rules, PR is updated once every three months. Since July 25th PR update, in accordance with the normal projections, the next update time should be around in October 25th, a month ahead of the update time. But there are still a large majority of the site PR amplitude.

interesting conjecture: PR update that something

1, September marks the 10 anniversary of the birth of Google, the PR big update is for my birthday gift to celebrate, "red envelopes to China webmaster".

2, the number of Internet users in China has grown significantly, has become the first major Internet information. The professional, detailed and comprehensive aspects of Chinese websites are becoming more and more perfect.

3, Baidu for flash memory, Google server may also speed up, so the adjustment of the new algorithm.

digital speak: PR visited 75% of the site

              PR update the Admin5 webmaster immediately launched a PR update special survey, a total of 3180, 232 Adsense on the webmaster participation, 64 comments on the survey station.



survey data, 24.57% of the site PR rose more than 2, 16.81% of the sites PR increased by 2, 33.62% of the site PR increased by 1, 18.10% of the website PR has not changed, the website of 4.31% PR decreased by 1, 1.72% of the site PR fell 2, 0.86% of the sites.