four years passed quietly. Founder is a spar, by chance, let me pick up the heavy Internet university dream in 2003.

      we all know that the Internet bubble in 1998-2000 between the Internet industry hit.

      over the years I was in College for my tuition, eating problems. Although I was so deeply in love with the Internet, and put together all night money online, Internet cafes are scarce at that time, do not want to are now filled, and then the price is amazing, this is the time to get to know a main low-cost cafe owner, was created at the cafe every miracle. Cost per hour than now many Internet cafes in Shanghai is low. For a long time with the boss and became friends, gradually began to work in the Internet, work study). At that time, the business strategy is in line with the needs of ordinary consumers, so the boss of several low-cost Internet cafes have become a model. Step by step business development into others for investment in Internet technology services company, in more than 1 years in the province of the city opened more than and 30 the same business model of Internet cafes, Internet cafe owners to make money, we also earn a service fee.

      the construction site was lack of regular access to the Internet industry, I gradually mastered the Photoshop Dreamwaver Flash, the website development tools, and one in the school organization "Ying Macao review Internet contest won first prize, and gradually help schools, social enterprise website. At the same time, because of the relationship between the boss and telecommunications, but also related to the development of the virtual host. At that time, but 50M HTML will sell 365RMB, and so-called " one day a piece of money to connect to the Internet domain name " then go China main channel, other service providers network cooperation but not the new network management system indiscriminative, inconvenient Chinese channel is my contact technology and service as the best for a long time. The company also received a provincial telecom list: for VOD VOD system of Telecommunications Information Port under the website that time like today can refer to the code a lot, but need a character knock out ah, then the information port construction contractor recruitment sub station, the goal is to a the idea, but was caught up with the school, my alma mater in one fell swoop became the country’s largest university, a bright future can feel, with the school of cooperation Is the feeling gradually have a brilliant future, but to the Internet’s winter has come, I have to redefine their own future. It was a painful thing. To give up their dreams as suicide. It seems to be a good thing after the event, can have the opportunity to access to a wider range of knowledge, broaden their horizons!