A5 (www.admin5.com) station network February 5th news, e-commerce platform service life of Wo Wo Group this morning to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus supplement document (F-1/A). Intends to issue 6 million shares of American Depositary Shares (ADS), the issue price range of $9 to $11, the highest financing $66 million.

had litters for the first time in January 10th submitted to the SEC prospectus. Wowo said in the prospectus, as the local life service e-commerce platform China leading, Wowo focused on providing online sales platform for local life service businesses Chinese, local life service businesses to open online stores in Wowo platform, direct sales of its products or services to consumers.

According to the original Wo Wo Group

prospectus, Wo Wo Group 2014 net revenues for the 9 months of $20 million 642 thousand, the same period in 2013 of $27 million 633 thousand; gross profit was $15 million 126 thousand, the same period in 2013 of $22 million 894 thousand; a net loss of $32 million 447 thousand, a net loss of $21 million 121 thousand for the same period in 2013.

Wowo mall formerly known as Wo Wo Group, 2011, Wo Wo Group IPO failed, now the group purchase market as before, Wo Wo Group’s performance is less good, this time listing an uncertain future. Wo Wo Group high sales of more than once over the U.S. mission network, such as a public network group purchase website handle. Now Wo Wo Group compared with before, not brilliant, at this time if capital markets do not buy IPO.

fact, after the baptism of the thousand regiments, the first half of 2014 the number of sites to buy less than 200, the survival rate of only 3.5%. The decline of the industry continues to destroy the confidence of investors, a well-known investor Zhu Xiaohu had said, now buy site has been difficult to get money.

industry believes that Wo Wo Group’s sprint IPO, Chinese O2O first unit intended for position. If successful, in favor of Wo Wo Group to expand its difference mode of achievements, to occupy a favorable terrain in the early stages of the development of O2O. Data show that as of September 2014, Wowo mall business platform was settled in 10 the number of million. The number of registered users reached 34 million 100 thousand mobile phone client Wowo, become Wowo growth points, to 2014 November, the mobile phone has accounted for more than 72%, the cumulative downloads of mobile phone client Wowo has reached 17 million 300 thousand.

Mode of life service business platform

litters, is to allow businesses to store the line extends to the network, all kinds of service shop, including group purchase, card vouchers, limit the sale of direct display and promotion in the store. Businesses can be independent pricing, independent sales, long-term online sales, in short, is the Tmall model.

from the point of view of the industry, the current O2O market space has just opened, businesses in the field is still basically stay on how to help businesses marketing level, in the future, O2O will be the depth of the transformation of students