from last year to provide a private consultant service to today, half of the time there are more than and 40 people "hiring" I as a private consultant I charge is purely grassroots price, according to annual fee, we see other marketing master on the market, private consultancy services are paid by the hour, a hour the cost is beyond my annual cost more than 10 times, some people say that because they are masters, and you are not of extraordinary feather. I officially entered the Internet industry from 2008 to 2010 entry self-study network technology, transformation of network marketing field, compared with the marketing master, I will network technology should be an advantage, but not the master, why his charges are higher than me? This is the problem of values, consulting a master who is often some business owners the boss will not get paid to solve the technical problems of the individual, so he needs to be the value of thinking, and marketing master private consultancy service is to provide the help of thinking. At the same time can also reflect some problems of human nature, so many on the market marketing guru, some people may not know who the better quality of service, how to do? Let me think of the movie in a classic lines: not the best, but for the most expensive.


why I will more than master costs are cheaper? Because of the positioning base is not the same, my position is the root, beginners entry-level people, but the master’s position is the boss, enterprise, team groups, different groups of income, so our charges are different. The act of paying any one in any conditions should be considered for being practical, but now many people are in the ideological orientation, highlighting their own identity wealth level, so we will see a lot of people from the outside is very rich, but the quality is not high, found after the exchange of knowledge is not high, really is the poor only money.

why only more than and 40 people attended my pay service? Because a lot of people to consult, I will be told: This is a one-to-one private consulting service, but did not like the others to provide community service group QQ group, WeChat. Many people say that to make more contacts, why not create a community, let all participate in the paid consulting people into this community? The reason is from the start I pay is not optimistic about the community, but I am more optimistic about the knowledge for the mode of pay, and now we also see that although the Internet is a few years ago called free time, but now many areas are required to pay to learn, even someone answers the questions are paid.

In recent years the

community grassroots team also unpopular? It is still hot, because there are always some newcomers will be full of curiosity to join some community, there are always some people will look forward to the next year there is no more surprises and pay in some community renewal, but the result? Most people are disappointed, others say 80% people have the harvest in the community is that their pay, say they have a harvest is said to listen to others, like many old people to receive free egg, Hanging noodles activities such as health care products, many people will buy businesses led after, although.