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fakes, has been an important problem plaguing China’s manufacturing industry. In the top-level design The Belt and Road "gradually improve," China manufacturing "large-scale overseas markets has become more and more clear vision. This time, the state does not want "China" made by fake bad reputation, but can not make the fake "along The Belt and Road" out of the country.

recently, the State Council issued the "2015 national combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods points" (hereinafter referred to as "points"), the "points" stressed that China will be from the legislative, regulatory and other 6 aspects, 24 key work, to further promote the construction of laws and regulations in accordance with the law, strengthen market supervision and focus on remediation, to create a fair competitive market environment, consumer confidence. The "daily economic news" reporter noted that in addition to the development of electronic commerce, a comprehensive clean-up "copycat gas station" and other social issues, "points" with special mention to carry out the "Chinese manufacturing" overseas image maintenance "cool" action.

network crackdown continued until the end of the year

with more convenient online shopping, Internet selling is more rampant, the announcement of the "elements" that will hit the field of Internet infringement and counterfeiting special action extended to the end of 2015 years. Deepen the source of governance, strengthen the focus of online monitoring sites, strict cross-border e-commerce enforcement supervision.

is the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will be carried out in 2015 the Red Shield network sword special action, combing the investigation clues, on the use of the Internet and selling counterfeit behavior.

recently, the State Administration for Industry and foreign 2014 Red Shield network sword special action to achieve results, and informed of 10 typical cases.

the "daily economic news" reporter learned that, in the second half of 2014, the State Administration for Industry and commerce to carry out the 2014 Red Shield network sword special action, check the website, shop 1 million 330 thousand (Times), delete illegal goods information 36 thousand, ordered rectification website 14 thousand, closed website 2201, investigated 7746 cases of illegal fines 113 million. Yuan.

in the field of special action to combat infringement and counterfeiting outside the Ministry of Internet, local provinces in this area is also stepping up efforts to combat. 2014 years in Heilongjiang province administrative law enforcement filing 2300, involving a total of $8 million 173 thousand.

SAIC official said, SAIC will carry out the special action of the Red Shield network sword identified as a long-term work, and gradually build a new brand for the network market regulation.

in accordance with the General Administration of industry and Commerce deployment, 2015 Red Shield network sword special action will highlight the focus of supervision of the network trading platform, continue to increase the intensity of the network market order rectification.

e-commerce legislation speed

after the early administration of industry and Commerce and the Taobao controversy about e-commerce legislative debate in public opinion.

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