for the majority of owners, we do the purpose is to make money, this is an indisputable fact, but if you really do a website, make it become a source of economy in our life, is not as simple as many people imagine, in order to make a valuable business website, we not only need a website to mind commercial innovation consciousness, otherwise can only follow others back, wait until after the success of others, we only appreciate the success of others.

for the website construction and included words I do not say, anyway, do stand to do, be patient to treat.

well, when our website indexed by search engines, many webmaster in after the wedding is still a day to update their site, this is a good thing, but as a profitable website to our ultimate goal is to find their own customers and get profits from, so the customer is our most important resources.

for some professional websites, such as materials, decoration and other sites, to allow customers to find you always do not have their own initiative to find customers, because now the Internet industry is very competitive, you do a website you may feel is the first step today, but it won’t be long before there are many websites will follow suit, so to take the initiative seize opportunities to win customers is the new owners do.

such as the above mentioned materials, then we should be in the website search included, through the mobile phone or email is active and related industries and businesses to contact, listen to their opinions, or give them some preferential service to our site, so they can pay attention to us, the simple propaganda is not recommended, because it and what is the difference between no spam. The way is to increase the popularity of the site, improve the site’s ranking, the more important point is that these businesses is our first concern, perhaps there are a lot of other sites of the same type, but as long as businesses to pay attention to our website, they will have a first impression on us, as long as we have the quality, and we lock certain key customer groups.

The object

in the future we may first publicity is not our advertisers, but they bring the positive factors of the website is immeasurable, so new Adsense etc. we are included and excited, please take the initiative to look for our customers, let us own a space for one person to win in the fierce competition.