a picture of the inside pages 300×250 about 1900000 times a day, every day at least 70 thousand IP, Google 30D, it also has 200 RMB, do blue one day let me plan the advertising revenue of 3.78 yuan Speechless completely.



above is the 7 day of the tour, the 21 began to have income, browse around 1 million 900 thousand times about 21, less than 22, the following is the picture of income:


you see clearly, this is divided into traffic, then click on it?


didn’t even click on it?

from the start for the blue whale plan, up to now, the blue whale planning process is very complex, the so-called elite League, is just a shell, all things are in the Taobao Alliance on


bad advertising alliance I casually put a day can not afford to pay so much. Today, I was evacuated, if any webmaster do like their soft Wen propaganda so high, out of the sun. Original http://s.www.vb86.com starter http://s.www.admin5.com. Reprint reservation.