QQ group, we are no longer familiar with the promotion channels. For all the promotion, our QQ group are more suitable, after all, our QQ has a large number of user groups, but also more active, then we use QQ group to do promotion is more suitable.

we will find that we do a network, even if we are so personal QQ will also add dozens of QQ group, with so many groups, we use mobile phone on the QQ if it is kenka, this also led to a lot of us, but we’re not out of in this group, the main reason is that these groups for us to value, we opt out of all the junk group, for we are not conducive to the value of the group.

as long as it is to do the promotion, I want to be sure to use QQ group to do promotion. QQ group promotion is more targeted, belong to precision promotion.

so how do we use QQ group to do promotion?

1 mandatory promotion

mandatory promotion, this is what we call the promotion of violence, regardless of whether our group is accurate, we direct advertising is. Each of our QQ plus hundreds of groups, we have a one-time interest in the promotion of a number of QQ, then if we add a lot of words, then a group of thousands of QQ group. When the mass QQ group we are not artificial to operate, we only need to use the Holy Mass software, buy a lifetime version like 59 yuan, is not expensive. The mass may be Haodi image promotion, then one-time promotion down, we can see the user in a group of 200 people to calculate, in accordance with the minimum of a total of 1000 groups, then we extend the user is equivalent to 200000 people, according to the transformation of 1%, so there are 2000 people, this data is quite scary. The reason why there will be a lot of people will go into the tens of thousands, is because of large-scale promotion, so to create a small value.

use QQ group promotion is the most difficult when we add group is more difficult, because if you want to join a group, it is necessary to test our words, for different groups we need different words, that we can add. Now the main group is also more and more smart, so we add group or difficult. When we spread through violence, we are reported to kick out of the group is relatively large probability. Well, that means you’re basically useless.

change number is not trouble, Taobao to buy a number is also within ten, with the popularity of the network to promote the sale of QQ number also made a ratio, the group of the QQ to buy only about four or so, now sold a dozen blocks. So if we have the resources to sell QQ number is also good. Buy a number, we are able to get the cost back. For the promotion of violence, the most important thing is our perseverance, insist, do not choose to give up because there is no effect after mass, if so, then you will always be >