now micro-blog market, micro-blog has become the basic Sina micro-blog with the world. A lot of network marketing staff are starting from the two platforms, as a means of network marketing. Although relying on a high rate of activity, a large user base of Tencent micro-blog, after the actual operation will find that, as a marketing effect, the effect of Tencent micro-blog is far better than sina. What is the result of this


Sina micro-blog, micro-blog is the difference between the page and the difference between the box. Although other people in contrast with sina micro-blog micro-blog. Often from the user, the activity to compare. But I think the difference between them is not the essence of this, but that sina micro-blog mainly rely on the interface is a web page, and Tencent is mainly relying on the interface panel QQ. Although micro-blog itself also has a web page interface, but because of too much relying on QQ software and micro-blog’s QQ panel based on the simplicity of the majority of users in the conduct of micro-blog, no need to enter the page. Look from Alexa, Tencent micro-blog site traffic less than 1/3 of sina micro-blog traffic.

was boxed Tencent micro-blog expansion weak

due to the limitations of the QQ panel, Tencent micro-blog’s expansion is far better than Sina micro-blog. Even micro-blog itself some of the main page, Tencent micro-blog is also difficult to mention the user’s interactivity. Tencent micro-blog, the whole looks more like a part of sina micro-blog.


and especially the popular micro-blog and other related functions directly affect the weakening of the interaction of micro-blog. Tencent because micro-blog box is limited, no entrance into the popular micro-blog. To know the current micro-blog, not only the interaction between bloggers and fans, more information dissemination functions. And this kind of communication, from the original passive to the present initiative, from the original concern of the people to see, to take the initiative to watch the latest hot. Tencent micro-blog, relying solely on a few official micro-blog update this information to spread, is far from enough. Especially for network marketing, the value of micro-blog’s interactivity, communication. Look at sina micro-blog’s popular micro-blog with micro-blog’s popular micro-blog will know the difference.


Sina micro-blog micro-blog in fact, with the direction of the Tencent has gradually been different, it is gradually showing their respective characteristics. Sina micro-blog is more open, more like a big society, where you can feel a modest prosperity; and Tencent micro-blog is more simple, more like a circle of friends, where more often is the interaction between friends. As a network marketing, sina is undoubtedly more suitable for micro-blog, which is probably the reason most of the network activities are on Sina micro-blog appear.

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