dividend in WeChat gradually faded, the public number "eyeball wars" into the red sea today, how to use social media to achieve effective brand appreciation?.


WeChat, losing bonus today, many people want to know: how long can be a successful public number


is a public number of articles frequently is 100 thousand + the amount of reading, the number of fans has been rapid growth, why they can do so successfully? Because operators understand: do a good brand for a long time, to win the user’s mood.

a, what kind of mood to attract fans?

led the research, social media marketing behavior based on the British China we found in the public number "LinkedIn" in the amount of reading more than 100 thousand WeChat push, amazing, fun and happy these three emotions is the most, which accounted for 3/4, and these emotions are all positive emotions. Sympathy, anger, and sadness accounted for the least, indicating that this negative sentiment led to lower reading.


two, which topics for communication?

we found that in China’s social media, the spread of good topics are the following:


and LinkedIn, the brand aims to enhance the self-worth of the workplace, we are willing to spread the mood is almost dominated by positive energy statements, such as:

reminds us that life is short;

tells us that dreams can come true;

believes that something better will happen;

makes us feel important…


facts have proved that, from the dissemination of results, the positive energy of the story and the title is often more powerful penetration.

This article

LinkedIn the public number, the original is from another public number, called the "gradually, I became the only woman in the room", in fact, the original title has hinted that the hero Facebook chief operating officer Sandberg in the patriarchal society of legend, Sandberg timely alone in the face of bereavement. As a result, LinkedIn decided to let the text is more full of humane care, at the same time to express respect for the woman, so change the title of "the man who inspired the global women, today we wish her".


content is almost no change to reprint, the original amount of reading is only more than 10 thousand, and LinkedIn reproduced, just this