[introduction] whether coupons or group purchase, it is essentially a kind of consumer information direct way, but in O2O, it is difficult to get coupons this thing to do all the.



Shan cloud technology in December 18th

for a long time, Tingting has not opened the coupon APP sweep his eyes. As a housewife, she had had such experience before, some food and beverage products and the intensity of the group to buy almost; for the accumulation of points of behavior, she was too troublesome, there is no continuous habit. Consumer discount information she is more willing to accept WeChat account push or parity to get.

with the spread of O2O consumer information and convenience, the value of the release of coupons is limited.

such as integral. In the past, in order to push the traditional membership card, allowing users to buy 10 cups of coffee free of charge, but not in the mobile terminal can play 1. Mobile terminal is usually the practice is not limited to the category within a specific time, as long as the user arbitrarily use coupons to complete the points, you can convert into a specified commodity. Encourage users to scan the code through the line to save money into the integration of goods, can not only promote the frequency of online users to buy, but also to develop user awareness of the brand merchants.

, in the final analysis, the integration is a cost oriented products, it is difficult to make generic products in the mobile terminal." Pudding mobile CEO Xu Lei (micro-blog), the life service, catering businesses, many products and services are on-site experience, integral system is equivalent to the accounts payable, must continue to invest in exchange for the user. But also need to do the background IT system support, which for small businesses, the budget is limited to do the system. Come back, and now the consumer information is too rich, the user is not sensitive to the form of discount points. If you do according to traditional thinking, often invested is not over, the loss of the user, the loss of interests of small and medium businesses self-evident.

then the integral system, the brand of the business is applicable to this kind of business on the IT cost budget considerations, user positioning is more clear, relatively fixed. Different formats, the benefits of different points system. For example, apparel industry has a strong seasonal sales cycle, whether online or offline, the season will go to the consumer. But the normalization integral, and can not stimulate consumption.

now has 7 stores under the line of children’s clothing brand green box, only to do the integration of online operating system.

integral system for us a great effect, because the savings equivalent to the elimination of inventory, but also enhance user stickiness. But to stimulate sales, you must use the pre-sale discount tools." Children’s clothing brand green box CEO Wu Fangfang told the Tencent of science and technology, the integral is a way to enhance the user experience and stickiness, the pre-sale discount is tantamount to a discount, such as the purchase of 100 yuan coupon equivalent to 10 percent off, 500 yuan coupon equivalent of 30 percent off. But this behavior can only be done online, because the next line stores can not be more than a hundred people a day to gather.