I wrote about website promotion articles, by tens of thousands of websites, attracted many people’s attention, there are many friends from QQ and contact me, I need to write some methods for the promotion of the shop. High income shop a month income of about ten thousand, there are a lot of friends a few months to sell only a few things, how to promote online free, have what good method, I asked a colleague experienced a network marketing institute, also consulted in this area do a good shop manager, with the my experience of long-term website promotion, and we exchange to promote online free.

one, shop opened publicity

in the shop must have a good location before construction, have their own unique products, look compared to others have competitive advantages, to choose a distinctive name, buyers can better remember your shop, the shop product categories should be divided clearly, buyers can better find and select merchandise. Do Links.

two, shop decoration design publicity

in reality, the decoration of a good shop, go from more, in the same online, to combine the characteristics of the shop style design and publicity.

three, online customer service

customers to buy things in the shop to find you, you have the QQ, mobile phone, want to have online at the same time, to facilitate customers to quickly contact you, to buy friends, customer service pre-sales service good, can attract new buyers, users will often come to the old.

four, improve credit rating


has set up the shop, there may be little attention, no credit, began to carry out a number of promotions, or at cost price and sell more stuff, can also carry out promotional use of small products, buyers in the choice of these products, will also pay attention to other stores, earn some popularity and credit.

five, keywords optimization

everyone to buy things, is the beginning of search related products, when set the name of the product, we compare the common design good keywords, can let the buyer search to your shop and several products, or is the price and preferential terms, the description of the goods as detailed as possible.

six, signature promotion

QQ signature can be issued in a timely manner promotional information, the forum’s signature can be associated with the dynamic image of the shop to promote.

seven, the promotion of information

if you shop what business products, you can write on the one hand, product information and little common sense things, in the text can be attached to their own shop address, you can also set up in the signature propaganda.

eight, blog forum publicity

set up a professional blog, write and sell their own products related industry articles, and some of their products to target