first, the definition of viral marketing system:

so-called viral marketing system, in short, is to be able to spread their products like the virus spread out, so that they benefit, so that the virus for their own work a system. This product can be an actual product that can be a service.

understand the viral marketing people know, viral marketing is a practical method of network marketing, commonly used in website promotion, brand promotion, etc.. Viral marketing is the use of the principle of reputation spread, on the Internet, the word of mouth is more convenient, you can quickly spread like a virus, so viral marketing has become an effective way of spreading information. Moreover, due to the spread of the user is carried out spontaneously, it is almost no need for the cost of network marketing tools.

viral marketing is the charm of automatic growth, automatic propagation and traffic information he can achieve the general situation, we only need to start the flow well behind the work "virus" will automatically help us to do.

can be seen from above, the viral marketing is a kind of do not need to spend money to advertise, do not need to personally go to the promotion, do not need to post to devote more time and energy to maintain promotion…… It can automatically spread in an infinite number of ways, automatic promotion, automatic money. You may think is exaggerated, even with no reality whatever you may think is mlm. But I want to tell you, this is not a pyramid scheme, there is no exaggeration. Next, I want to teach you how to build their own viral marketing system.

two, viral marketing operation process is divided into eight steps:

1, the target to determine – (grasp the overall direction)

2, the creation of a virus – (to create easily spread pathogens)

3, the value of shape – (to improve the degree of gift temptation)

4 communication channels – (let the virus spread smoothly)

5, virus Camouflage – (to hide the purpose)

6, start the flow – (the initial flow of access)

7, flow storage – (collect user data, multiple marketing, namely the establishment of fish pond, which is the user database)

8, the effect of monitoring – (found problems, adjust, accumulate experience)

three, suitable for viral marketing system product conditions:

1, non profits of products do: 50%-80% (the Commission to the promotion of inducements to produce the promotion power);

2, must be a virtual product: software, services, e-books and other virtual products (because virtual products can be shipped automatically);

3, the exclusive monopoly of the product: that is, you can control the copyright of the product, such as: need authorization