and Mou Changqing met mainly because of its ubiquitous promotion fine article, let the niche deeply admire always wanted to meet this person, through active contact and contact Mu brother finally have the chance to make friends, and the exchange of personal blog, many before, although common praise won the webmaster but many webmaster put forward hope can provide some practical lectures, practical closer to the owners, so owners in Anhui before the start of the year to try and Changqing brother mentioned, did not expect and promise, just because the annual meeting at the party for reasons later arrangement, because of Changqing personal time, but also because of my old K son of Christmas years, plus 26 days to Hua Jun of the general assembly, so this week’s lecture from the usual Friday afternoon at 14:30 20:30 on Wednesday in advance to start Later, due to special reasons to 21:00 officially began, Changqing students I met the most serious lecture before the guests took several hours to do adequate preparation, let me deeply touched, and the lecture quality of its high, brilliant, almost to a man Changqing students experience among all opened K, I believe that the 500 old webmaster this lecture will certainly make the night, listen to the teacher carefully in the group benefit, unforgettable.

in the Changqing students agree, I also will do the lecture content arrangement, to share the webmaster friends, a learning exchange, this lecture text broadcast address: Uid=1& do=blog& id=10761.

below is the text of this lecture:

Mou Changqing: old K has invited me to do a promotion experience sharing, I do not know what to say at the beginning. I have sorted out the train of thought, or hard scalp and we do share. Today is improvisation, not usually write their own articles, but also slowly modified to finish. What statement is unreasonable and typos when you forgive me. I am good at the early stage of the forum is to promote, it is a popular means of promotion, suitable for various types of web sites. But I do the promotion of the forum is already 3 years ago, and now to speak out, they feel a bit outdated. Because now the posting permissions are more limited, the forum moderator also posted more strict management of advertising, especially now do BBS promotion too many people, too much competition. Some means of promotion in the company and I have done, such as promotion, site navigation station traffic exchange, product promotion, cooperation and so on, although these methods are also not outdated, but not what sites are suitable for. The type of site, or its own brand, traffic has a certain basic requirements. Do not think it is appropriate to speak out, and these promotional experience, I have also been in most of their own blog mentioned. Later, I thought, to share the experience, it is necessary to talk about the group of friends can be used on most things. So today I mainly to share with you two points: 1, is to do network promotion ideas. 2, I do S>