A5 [shop] business story, share development story of the store, and understand the cultural features of the shop, the shop operators have, grow together.

Creek: Hello guests, I am A5 Creek, thanks to participate in A5 electricity supplier [shop story] interaction, please do a self introduction, let the reader know, your job content, job description, etc..


health products flagship store: Hello, I am Abbott health products flagship store manager, Abbott health products flagship shop is mainly responsible for the operation and management of organization members, the daily maintenance, do shop activities, shop promotion, and official activities.


Manager: Hello, our Abbott health products flagship store (http://s.yapeibjp.tmall.com) what was on the line, a brief introduction of the shop, the main categories, the current operations, store feature information.


health products flagship store: Abbott is the world’s top 500 brands, Abbott strong brand, products are widely applicable to people, but also focus on the promotion of enterprise products in 2015, January began a large number of TV ads, online ads, print ads into our hospital pharmacy, Abbott health products flagship store is on the line in October 1st National Day day. Now the on-line shop has February month, the main shops of Abbott enterprises 2 models of health care products, a full nutrient powder, Abbott (http://s.detail.tmall.com/item.htm? Id=41383289349), the element is a comprehensive nutrition, nutrition supplement the body needs the product;; another is glucerna (http://s.item.taobao.com/item.htm id=41397792827?). There is a blue hat marked glucerna, help lower blood sugar products.

stream: the on-line shop also has two months of time, the main source of flow shop is? We all know that the store is most in need of traffic, whether the combination of health care products under the Abbott flagship store promotion experience, summarize the method of traffic acquisition.


health products flagship store: store the main source of traffic Taobao free traffic, Taobao station promotion flow, and pay promotion. The source of traffic is the natural flow of Taobao, this part of the free flow must pay attention to the promotion of the shop to promote the flow of drainage and other charges paid by the station to promote the flow of traffic outside the station.

: I think the river ha, for the two aspects in terms of the most important shop store, a traffic, one is the customers; maintaining old customers is our stores are all should pay attention to the problem, the two customer development is far less than the cost of developing new customers and old customers, and the conversion rate is relatively high, let’s Abbott health care products flagship store for old customers this what maintenance method and preferential measures


health products flagship store flagship store: We Abbott health care products for old customers regularly send property >