I is also a dark horse: oranges, why Chu orange has become the eyes of the "inspirational orange", it is how to do


Chu orange in marketing to the success of its sales is not only food, but also solutions sales of different groups, this is perhaps the enterprise needs to draw, the development trend of learning.

first, it was endowed with Zhu Shijian’s life experiences change radically in the thorough analysis; secondly, to understand the product at the same time, the definition of consumer groups, to meet the personalized requirements, by allowing users to participate in "approach, to establish a marketing plan, success through the process of Chu orange.

a lot of people are aware of the two major problems of agricultural products: one is the standardization, brand value.

for a long time, all agricultural products are known as common fields of things, through the middle layers of the sales channels, and not become a real commodity.

in the past few years, take a lot of detours, I put forward like Coca-Cola to sell agricultural products, not only can make the standard, while allowing users to some cultural values and things to pay itself.

Chu orange life

The first part of the

share of agricultural product standardization I understand, first introduce the background of Chu orange. In 2012 the site just on the line, we go to Yunnan to see Chu Lao, he wanted to talk about cooperation, then holding the attitude of the past not essential.


website launched in July September with the old Chu approached, the daily singular is 70 single, is a new thing very small, if from Yunnan local of the products shipped to Beijing, a car is 5 thousand boxes, 70 boxes per day of sales, to sell nearly 100 days, at the time of speaking is one thing not too sure.

year old Chu has been 85 years old, after talking, September Chu orange many still immature, old Chu pick for us, we were very touched by his mental state. At that time with the two reporters, did not report the intention of propaganda, but after returning to Beijing, they first wrote a report of the two.

Chu teacher is not interviewed, nor in the newspaper to do some too much disclosure. The two report in November should be the Economic Observer sent forward economic observer micro-blog for the first time to do, micro-blog to send out 10 minutes, Wang Shi forwarded this micro-blog, he also cited a syntax of general Barton, a person’s height is not that he go much higher, but that he low to the bottom could rebound to more high.

Wang Shi, some of the business circles around the friends quickly made a forwarding, then Baidu search volume has been rapidly improved.

less than a week’s time, to the first car 20 tons of goods will soon be sold out, from the daily average of 70 single site, within a week will rise to all the