how to analyze the long tail keywords

keyword popularity

keyword attraction is the first element of popularity, a keyword used by the customer, the more popular the keyword. The above has been introduced in the Baidu index, it is for Baidu search engine out of the results. When will you use Baidu index and Google trend, can increase the popularity in the establishment of a list of keywords in the form of keywords obtained from the competition website used this tool queries, and the data results will be added to the list:

keyword competition degree

keyword popularity is just the beginning, the key is to know the face of market competition: if there are tens of millions of sites and the keywords you want to optimize the same, so to exceed them, will pay a considerable manpower, material and financial resources, not to select those keywords. Like the above example of eye cream, as the key words, even if optimized, it may not be able to achieve the results you want.

to determine the competitiveness of a keyword can be analyzed from the following points:

1 keyword search results (SERP) number

Baidu and Google in the input box need to optimize the keywords, check the search engine returns the number of results. If more than 50 million, indicating that the key words have a certain degree of difficulty; if in the following 2 million, indicating that this keyword is not difficult, in a very short period of time can be optimized to search engine home page. Search engine returns the number of results and key words of competition is as follows:

search results less than 2 million: belong to the smaller competition. As long as the site to do some simple optimization can be optimized to search engine home page.

search results 2 million ~ 5 million: belong to medium small. So the key to do some simple optimization on the site, and then do a little external links you can optimize the search engine home page I to bow.

search results 5 million ~ 20 million: moderate. Such keywords on the site’s structure, the article and link structure a little bit of a requirement, and the webmaster to the site to update.

search results: 20 million ~ 50 million belong to the middle, such words should be said that there is a certain degree of difficulty. For such a keyword, the quality of the site itself, the content of the article, the site’s external links should have a lot of requirements, specific requirements will be explained in the following chapters.

search results more than 50 million: belong to difficult words. This keyword requires the site must be updated regularly, and the article is best original articles, the need for a large number of high-quality external links to the site. And the key to the optimization of the home page will be a little longer, most of the need for about half a year, >