the value of entrepreneurship is absolutely undeniable, the replacement of the enterprise can make social progress, and entrepreneurship is a combination of resources to meet the new needs of the progressive process.

however, the worship of the whole society for some "entrepreneurs" are a bit too blind, the blind actually reflects a quick impetuous mentality. With the large influx of hot money, mobile Internet has become a great minglichang, entrepreneurship seems to be the best shortcut to fame and fortune.

but this blind venture is worthy of vigilance, especially those with capital rather than market driven business, because the capital market hit, mostly false, once the withdrawal of capital, the market will rapidly shrink.

entrepreneurship is an important premise is in line with the laws of market logic and value creation, that is, to make the market really need products, to achieve healthy and sustainable development through profit. Have the market needs of products or services, you can attract customers, and if you can have a reputation, you can achieve sustained growth.

is still a part of entrepreneurs to start their own business hard to gain sympathy, but ignore the reason very difficult, largely because of this business in violation of the laws of development of things, want to grow rapidly in the short term, not in the profit when they want to market profit. Summed up in a sentence that is, want to make quick money, make money. How can there be such a good thing in the world?

The essence of

business, is the currency as a medium of exchange, so as to realize the circulation of commodities, in the economic activities, first of all have to exchange the product or service, and then through the marketing to target consumers understand the product, and ultimately trading. In this process, the growth of business takes time, because the acquisition and dissemination of information takes time, so that consumers understand the product also takes time.

, however, some entrepreneurs do not want to start from the product, but also do not want to accumulate customers bit by bit, because the speed is too slow. They need to be successful, they look at the capital market can quickly get the money, and that, as long as there is enough user growth and a future realizable story. The first user, think about how to make money, so that the formation of the business logic.

in fact, financing may be a huge pit, once jumped into it is difficult to come out again. The investor’s money is not free. Some investors have utilitarian idea: they expected income is not derived from these start-up companies dividend future earnings after, their goal is to sell the company to the home, and then from arbitrage, and these companies to complete an important prerequisite for the next round of financing is through data reflects the tremendous growth potential, which requires rapid the growth of the number of users. Therefore, once the entrepreneurs embarked on this financing by the way of life, they will be found to have all the dreams in the past, because the whole company only one goal, that is to make investors want data. For this reason, many start-ups financing, and can not focus on thinking about how to create value, but flowers >