believe that the network of friends are aware of the Baidu alliance, Baidu can be said to be one of the largest number of webmasters, many webmasters are relying on Baidu alliance to survive.


, Shao Lianhu taught you how to apply for Baidu alliance account.

first step, Baidu search Baidu alliance to find the official website, and then open the


second step, click on the right corner of the official website of Baidu Union now join


third step, select the type of media, is a website, software or application, the site name, description are written, but also to verify the site. If the validation fails, look at the article "Baidu union" failed to obtain validation file or file error "solution"


fourth step, fill in the type of site, this is very important, as well as the site’s visit, the record number. For the record number, the site has been recorded, Baidu union audit should be more stringent, so the best site for the record.


fifth step, fill in the account password and contact information, the mailbox must be written for the verification information received


Sixth step

, fill in the online banking information, including the opening address, account number, account number, name, this knot is the money used, must fill in the correct.


seventh step, fill in the ID card account number and phone number to verify the phone


eighth, and then the Baidu alliance will prompt you to the mailbox to activate the message, open the link verification down


to this step, we have already applied to the Baidu alliance, the following is to wait for the audit staff union, is generally two days or so can be approved, approved by the mailbox will receive an e-mail alert, as follows:


when I first apply no reason is through my website record number is wrong, and one application can successfully pass the audit. After the site audit, we can log on Baidu union.

however, I started to use the 360 browser and IE browser, Google browser, also let download a file before you can login, I’ve tried these browsers do it, finally install Firefox can.

OK, and then everyone will