the first statement, I am not a strict sense of professional webmaster, began to learn the HTML language from 2001 I began to do, home page, but not really into this, really started research station, is only in the last two years, especially since this year, started the study of the SEO, learning how to to become a successful webmaster.

      after a period of time, the few I do stand, are now slightly small, in some key words of Baidu and Google are routed to the front, here, to share the experience. Do not scold superficial feeling, this paper is the target group of novice webmaster!

      novice webmaster, first of all to correct their attitude, start doing stand, the starting point of each person is different, some people are to show personality, to show off their relatives and friends; some people want to do is to make money, will become your career development; and some other reasons, I can’t explain……

      but no matter what kind of purpose, I think there is one thing we all pursue, that is, the amount of traffic and ip!

      flow of the station is not necessarily successful, but no flow of the station will not succeed!

      novice do stand more often is the appearance of the page, want to remember, many owners in their home in the placement of a large number of flash, pictures, music and special effects and so on, indeed, beauty is there, your site is a look ~ Hyun. Outside of the circle of people will applaud for you, but unfortunately, you fell into the first misunderstanding! In a lot of your stack, page volume into a "fat man", will usually wait for ten seconds or more others to open your station, in the search engine’s point of view, your station lost readability. Please remember, when the search engine to crawl your page, if more than ten seconds and you cannot read the content, often mistaken for dead connection, there is no page! This is very serious! To dazzle effect for a long time will be tired, no one will be just to see your special effects or listen to your background music to your website, I think most people will have this experience, when you want to find some information, you may find a lot of address, if you open a for a long time did not open the page, what is your choice? That’s right, shut down, click next! According to my experience, the best control in the home page below 30K, the smaller the better!

      site, domain name to the relatives and friends there are propaganda in a circle, many webmaster webmaster will feel this position has been firmly secured, youyouran forget that he is doing what…… Congratulations, you’re in the wrong place! No content >