picture marketing more seductive picture: marketing is relative to marketing is concerned, it is not the carrier text, but the picture or graphic combination, but it and marketing have in common, it also requires to be reproduced.

In fact, we

the picture marketing a bit strange, daily life can be seen everywhere in the image ads, such as advertising, billboards, advertising lights, site pictures, and so on, these ads are pictures of marketing. The highway has many large advertising, people sitting in the car you can see all the way, a lot of companies or individuals to buy advertising with high price, but this promotion cost is too high, the effect is not very good.

network is now more biased in favor of a new generation of image marketing, because most users are using QQ, WeChat and other chat software, and Fetion, MSN software. In the chat, people like to send a picture from time to time, active atmosphere of the group. A good picture will be the rapid spread of network, Lu Songsong blog often use pictures do SEO optimization, but no such enthusiasm for advertising pictures, so how to use the network to spread the advertising picture, is the theme we want to say — image marketing.


compared with the soft marketing, image marketing has many advantages:

soft Wen marketing requires users to have a certain understanding, and the broader picture marketing. On the Internet, almost all the comments with the website platform can interact through the picture, such as mop.com community forums like QQ, sina UC, Teng Xun that im IFT T, similar to the Sina blog, this blog blog NetEase. In addition, e-books, e-mail, etc. can send pictures, it can also develop image marketing.

picture production cost is low. Compared with text and video ads, making electronic cabinet piece is not difficult, design software is very popular, and designers are full avenue, a designer can complete a picture, so the production cost is very low.

pictures more intuitive. The picture has a strong perceptual cognition, Id have more profound perceptual pictures compared to text is more, when customers see the picture, can quickly extract the core content of the picture from the picture, to impress customers.

network provides convenience for image marketing. The network spread quickly, spread range is very wide, even though thousands of miles apart, can also be used in instantaneous communication software to send a picture.

network is far faster than the traditional media, eliminating the traditional media printing, production, transportation and other links, while reducing costs and greatly improve the speed.

image marketing and marketing of soft paper carrier is not the same, the form is not the same, it also determines the specific operation between the two processes also have some differences, but from