marketing to brand become more and more important, remove the related marketing brand planning itself, the focus and emerge in an endless stream of the Year Festival has become the brand are taking advantage of the marketing position, so we can always see the big brand devoting himself to the occasion, in order to get through the hot draw public brand identity. But the feet, inches shorter, some brands will be an occasion to marketing play fast, some brands still less distance.

from recent events, UNIQLO video to NASA NASA issued to Pluto photos, another earth, but the brand too busy to attend to all the hot copy are busy, there were many good copywriter people clapped, but there are also some occasion to blunt the just passable.

When the hot

when Pluto photo event and UNIQLO Shuabing appeared almost at the same time, Baidu said "looking good, always beyond the absurd", with a picture showing the two hot events were times in Baidu search, the "good" and "absurd" contrast, convey a positive brand image "with Baidu the facts give the public positive energy", it is just perfect, one.

when "another Earth", Dongfeng Peugeot said: "some people say loneliness is a strong presence, in fact, double is the best collocation, the connection point between the car and the earth through the commonness as, namely that the emergence of another Earth joy, and show a single turbine the core technology of selling Twin scroll double vortex tube.

more than a few brand marketing occasion to let people see the help they have a good loud shouts of applause, the hot spots and their appeal to express fit, even if you know the marketing is also willing to accept. Baidu will be two hot topics for comparison, on the side of the choice of positive energy, in order to pass the value of the brand. On another occasion on earth, Dongfeng Peugeot through "the two features of" and "strong", the car and the earth connection, to show the core selling point of the product. There are also some brands in the occasion when slightly far fetched, Pluto said the beautiful hot occasion, introduced us to the discovery of Pluto to clearly see Pluto’s process, but not the strong association with the brand.

taking advantage of marketing for the brand is simple, low cost, and can quickly increase brand exposure, so we can see now, regardless of holidays or a hot brand, are expected to recount, a hot ride to get attention.

as long as we observe carefully, will find that to get applause occasion marketing has some similarities, the first is fast, only fast enough to win, get attention before a big brand occasion is coming, reduce the pressure of competition can also avoid the fatigue of everyone. The second is good enough is good enough to copy, copy is not only reflected in the style of writing is good, but can be hot and their own brand appeal be made one. Whether it is the concept of a brand or product