offline marketing, which is mentioned in the line of marketing is to break away from the network marketing approach to the reality of marketing, only the combination of online marketing and offline marketing in order to better facilitate the promotion of the website brand.

media is currently divided into three sectors: newspapers, newspapers, television, radio, communication networks. Because the three big industry user groups are different, if few CEOs will every day in the Internet, most of them will depend on the two media, many white-collar workers are now looking at the news on the network, it is out of the top two media, why in the network Alibaba, Ecvv, etc. will take the mainone lots of money in advertising on Cctv, are they the flow of small, less user groups do not, but they in order to network users better, expand the market better, to promote their own brand image, the promotion strategy.

Many people now know as

than Alibaba, which is a large part of Mister Ma through traditional media publicity know, such as it has a loud ad, "online trade, create a miracle, to let people understand, through the Alibaba network platform, can provide network trade concept for enterprises. As to join him through the integrity of the user can get the business, it is still unknown, at least the brand image is propaganda in place.

and if you say the offline marketing of radio and television media, often the network, a lot of the use of online and interactive forms of promotion. Such as often hear a column, a program indicate please visit their website…… online consultation and online interaction, to hype their network information platform, the CCTV website now, why is 100 China website, one of the most important point is that he put their own user group switch to the network information platform. The TV line marketing, promotion of their information products.

online marketing advantages

1, better interactive communication

2, enhance brand image

3, extended user group

4, the growth of advertising brand profit

5, time is short, quick

6, complementary resources

network offline marketing

1, newspapers, radio and television media;

2, cups, pens, gifts, packaging, clothing and so on can be used;

3, leaflets, text messages, stickers, etc..

Many marketing methods under the

line, the actual marketing mode on your own reasonable use, when your website from "looking for customers" into "customer", it shows that your site has formed brand, success is not far away. Hope that we can get out of the bottleneck of network marketing, so that the combination of the Internet network to seek greater development.

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