enterprise initial success is often the "skill", this is an example of the television advertisement was very effective new customer marketing, many companies are creating myth through television advertising. But for small and medium enterprises, the problem is that the cost of TV advertising is too high, if advertising in CCTV, there is no millions of investment is impossible.

one of our clients creatively solved the problem in the early stages of development. The customer found that compared to the central and provincial television stations, those small television advertising costs are low, the effect is very good. The use of such marketing methods, the success of a large number of customers, so that enterprises have ten years of steady growth.

but all marketing methods follow the law of diminishing returns. With the increase in the number of people watching TV, more and more people do not believe in advertising. The popularity of mobile phones, but also to reduce the number of people watching tv. The new enterprise customers are less, have to think about a problem: new customers come from? What can be done to bring new growth for the company? I just want to use my experience to tell you this simple yet difficult question — new customers where


1 old customers recommend: Generally speaking, new customers are unfamiliar to us. Because of this, we need to use some "bridge" to find new customers. A very important "bridge" is our old customers. Where there are old customers, there must be new customers have not been discovered and excavated. So my first advice is to think about how to get new customers through old customers. There are two opportunities: first, through the old customers recommend new customers, and the two is to study the habits of old customers access to information and channels, through the guidance of old customers to find a large number of new customers.

customers recommend customers, any enterprises to get new customers the most direct and effective way, but also the lowest cost, easy company many customers themselves and easy in there are a lot of customers to recommend customers successful experience, in this special issue in some cases introduction. In order to let customers recommend new customers, the key to do three points: their products and services are worth recommending, customer recommendation should be very convenient, to recommend customers and sales staff have sufficient incentives.

2 to understand the customer’s habits and channels of information: how to get new customers through marketing? The key is to know where the customer, customers get his needed information through what way, what customers love.. in this matter, the loyal customers can also help us. If we do the investigation system on them, we will know what kind of them to participate in the meeting, what kind of website, what APP, what books to read, in what place of vacation and how to exercise and so on. The more we learn, the more we can find new customers through the use of old customer habits and information channels.

3 logical derivation: new customers are unfamiliar to us, because of this, we need to