note: more and more China company among the "entrepreneurial companies $1 billion club", "the Wall Street journal" list of 73 companies of the club, which has 8 China enterprises, led by millet. The basic situation of the author Huo Ju decomposition, combed the star company, compares the Sino US and Sino foreign venture company’s advantages and disadvantages and entrepreneurial environment difference, also see from the growth of the number of start-up companies in the future. This article from WeChat, ", " Heresy; original title: start-up companies $1 billion club.

yesterday saw the information from the "Wall Street journal" to do the information map of the venture company $1 billion club, I think it is very interesting. This topic is a very large amount of information, production is fine, there is a good interaction, you can drag the timeline to see the valuation of the company each year changes.


to January 2015, this chart lists 73 companies, is the valuation of more than $1 billion of unlisted companies, and in the last 4 years there have been financing records, in January 2014 a year ago, according to this standard is only 41, which part through mergers and acquisitions and market exit, finally did not count in 73 the company in 2015. It seems that just the past year is really a year of rapid valuation of venture capital companies.

this information is not completely reliable, Chinese and Canada startups situation I am familiar with through the contrast, I guess the only U.S. investment institutions involved in investment projects will be included, such as public comment while entering the chart, but the Tencent last round of investment is not reflected in the valuation. How to see the legendary pictures also should not "start-up" has also been included in the company. Even with these problems, can still use it as a sample data, to understand the world of startups, I spend some time to open the company carefully one by one point data read it again, then I think writing here for your reference.


this chart contains 8 Chinese companies, currently the highest valuation of millet, millet is also the highest valuation of the 73 companies, higher than the $5 billion valuation of $second Uber. According to the total amount of view, China’s start-up companies are very good, indeed, as everyone knows, is the largest outside the United States focused on venture capital companies.

But if you remove the

millet, Asia’s highest valuation is India’s electricity supplier company Flipkart, founded in 2007, the valuation has reached $11 billion, and the contrast can be listed Jingdong for $39 billion.

millet, ranked second in the Chinese company is the U.S. group, valued at $7 billion. After that is $3 billion for VANCL, $2 billion for the international, VW