as everyone knows, the original article is to improve the protection of the first click rate, but only the original may not bring high click rate, we get the search engine Baidu to analyze some elements of improving the click rate, it will not have to worry about no one cares articles.

we started with an article to achieve the effect of a statement. The first target hit rate of 100 thousand, Baidu included within 1 hours. Now around this target hit rate of 10 into the million point. We see an article, headlines directly determine whether you will read this article, so the title of this article we decide the success of the 50%. So how to correctly select the title of the article? The frequency of the problem and to optimize the knowledge of the article, here is not specific, you can generally understand the content of the optimization of knowledge, have time to learn. A Page Title Optimization: we took the title of this article is to understand how we choose the title, the title is: "to improve the click rate of the secret" you can see that there is a keyword: "hits" so we asked around the keywords "hits" to decide the title. The click rate is the subject, but who still can not show the final type of the article, then we need to find a complete subject see "the hits" is a complete subject we need to find the essence of the word is the title. Then we need to get the subject completely modified headlines. Note: how to modify reference style complete subject? Our purpose is to let Baidu included and achieve our goal hits, a tool that requires Baidu, Baidu index. The use of the Baidu index search our keywords, click on the article you can find the largest search engine in the Baidu index of the long tail keywords can be modified to get our target title.

header end. The following is about the analysis of the contents of the part of the optimization method: the content of the main body of the article, not to say around the title. The key is how to optimize it?


Title often use Google friends should remember at the beginning of this year’s Google event, Google gave us the network life brought many network applications, others can not be replaced if you are easy to use and cutting-edge professional you will experience to Google products. Unfortunately, Google suddenly from mainland China, everything becomes indecisive, smoke four. The first is with the domestic Google product development stopped, domestic search accounted for about 30% of the market share of Google with Google’s exit, decide on what path to follow? Google’s market share will be slowly erode the domestic search engine. Rules will change, the Department of the domestic second-line search engine provides a rare opportunity to rise, but the most benefit of Baidu. We take Baidu, soso, Sogou, analysis the three strength and development prospect. Baidu: 10 years ago, Li Hongyan founded the Baidu Inc in the United States, today,, Baidu