look at the network marketing community which high-income groups, how they are through the network marketing, e-commerce this era to obtain high income, to build their own golden empire. When you carefully will find that, in fact, there is a certain set of rules, and sometimes you need to learn how to play in this line of the ball.

expert Professor of network marketing: a book stand for actual combat experience but no pretensions to being an expert on the mouth, Kung Fu, mostly by consulting management personnel to switch to this category of people generally make the traditional enterprise boss money, serving high-end customers, earn a lot of money, because there is a foundation, in dealing with the traditional enterprise mister, have a set of effective methods. Through the speech and eloquence to impress the corporate CEOs, and then provide a marketing channel under the command line to build a website, selling electricity supplier to make money system, make money machine. To describe a happy scene as the prologue… .

grassroots media network marketing: rich experience, born grassroots, years of training, which is the same person with a grassroots value of things, and willing to share, and ultimately their own achievements, writing eloquent occasionally a book, training, organization share exchange conference. Benefit through a variety of channels, the benefits are considerable.

Huaquanxiutui: suddenly want to learn network marketing network marketing, some people started SEO, specializing in training. This is the main means of propaganda techniques, which tips, pure dry cargo and so on, to improve the training course of God secret sense training, original price 1980, price 328. I was once suffered after the class to teach you the most is the original, pseudo original, misled many beginners.

network marketing: SEO top people, God has large website rich operating experience, in the well-known enterprises as the core characters of Web site operators. Some of their own business, and some continue to work. The main source of income in the operation of one or more successful sites, others have come to the SEO training industry. When the job after the departure of fame is unknown to the public, and I learned from them, "to provide value to users".

Black hat

holds SEO network marketing: the essence of technology and a large number of cyber source, using black hat tactics operation station group, quick access to search engine rankings, working in gray profiteering industry. Make money silently.

the last category: first-class network marketing professionals will be the perfect combination of online and offline, with the lowest cost to obtain high good income, the network marketing to do very creative, there are millions of followers, very influential circles in the Internet, the Internet can lead the topic. General director of the company’s network marketing or CEO level figures. Money is just a cumulative figure for them.