these days, how to evaluate the watercress "appears 11 years first" brand advertising on social media hot; now, let’s ignore the "try" of the title, but also put aside "understand did not understand the tangle, not to discuss whether I love" subjective attitude, only from the perspective of marketing: I hope to analyze the strategy behind Douban Douban this advertisement for what it does? It is possible to do what? We can learn from what


1, the implantation of brand value: Utopia

to meet individual spiritual needsThe pursuit of what

bean advertising? Yu see that no matter how many ads use salutation lens language, full of metaphor, metaphor, cross line structure and disorder, but its core strategy is still:

inception – with a literary technique, the user into the psychological value of the brand information.


as for why choose such obscure literary techniques, first of all, from the advertising point of view, "how to say" and "who I am" is highly relevant, because the expression "itself is the brand value of the footnote". Therefore, watercress need to use this style, to emphasize the difference between it and the main competitors.

for example, although the same covers "art" and "interest", the advertisement is too subjective watercress, individual experience type information, even the actor will leave a "solitary, feather and immortal" grotesque sense, but from the perspective of brand recognition, and it is broad social interest, such as the total novelty formed a big contrast in the side "or" Post Bar find organization ".

"find like-minded friends" as a traditional perspective, was deliberately obscured in the advertisement, can be said that "our spirit corner" to a certain extent, get rid of the "social", to support the concept of "spiritual world"; this is important; transfer from the advertising information, now, let people free shuttle to the inner world is the core of this thing! So watercress brand value is locked in "a personal emotion can meet the spiritual needs of Utopia".

watercress do everything, will focus on the needs of the individual spirit and expand. This can be interpreted as a reorientation of self-worth based on existing business and competitive status (Self-Discovery).

An important difference between

also need to pay attention to is "functional requirements" and "emotional and spiritual needs"; for example, around the book, music and movie "discovery" and "exchange" and "discussion" is the emotional spiritual interaction, "how to buy a book or watch a movie, how to spend less money there is obviously not affordable.


and so on, from the "East"