first recruit: community is what?

is a group of people who don’t have the same goal, mission, vision, together is a motley crew, to join the team. So it’s important to understand that the community is what it takes to get together and focus on which point to focus on. There are many communities on the market, I believe the vast majority of people is the largest mobile phone memory occupied by WeChat and QQ, yes, we will follow the Internet, the Internet will look forward to the existence of a variety of business opportunities and blue ocean. Maybe a lot of people will be YY, is not into the community, will meet some chiefs, they may take me to act fly with me, perhaps in this community can know a project, then receive the white formica. But these are just imagination, too many communities not long because of mismanagement will be reduced to garbage, advertising group. In addition to look at advertising, accounting for memory.

second recruit: so what kind of community is really meaningful?

must first have a leader, KOL opinion leader. It was he who brought us together.

secondly, we are holding the same hobby, the same product, can also be a person’s personality cult, you can also be interested in a certain business opportunities or methods.

in fact, there is a rallying point, we will look all together. This kind of community is the real definition of "good" community.

third recruit: what kind of community is never recession?

first, the community must have a clear positioning and direction.

second: the community has to implement the strategy, why pay the community will not have advertising


third: Community rules to build, who will manage.

fourth: community promotion and operation of the basic program.

fifth: what did the members of the group gain and what did you get? Everything is mutually beneficial, and there is no one thing that only one party pays, and the other one will only get it.

Clear positioning of the

community is the key factor, KOL members of the community to guide the discussion in this direction not to go farther and farther. The most powerful community is KOL long time not to speak, the atmosphere is still very active and valuable group.

will not be destroyed in the establishment of community builders need to understand that your community is a for-profit or nonprofit organization. Do you want to get a group of people to do something for you or to make it through the output value. Is a non-profit organization a personal hobby or a group of people who share the same interests. In the nonprofit community, when there is a need to do deep thoughts to consider according to their own economic situation, if the economic situation even not good, recommended or not such operation, the reason is very simple, non profit organization members of the majority have become business meeting to discuss some of the things that have nothing to do with money to spend. A little time to become more meaningful they may …