network promotion as the main way to promote the stage business, has become the main source to enhance business volume of each enterprise, if we can make the appropriate network promotion effect is obvious, but if some places do, so will also affect the promotion effectiveness, enterprises in the choice of network promotion may also have the concerns about some factors affecting today Yishui analytical network promotion effect, reasonable avoid some mistakes and inappropriate practices can effectively enhance the efficiency of the promotion.

: the first non optimization and promotion website brings to network promotion disadvantage, many enterprises in the promotion before usually have their own websites, when looking for a website Web site also does not take into account the optimization and promotion of the future, not to consider from the perspective of marketing and sales, so the website function is general in order to show the role, but there will be a lot of beautiful factors flash and JS dynamic, which leads to the promotion of good operation, general do keywords ranking web site optimization need is static, flash and JS are inserted into the optimization of taboo, text-based content and a few pictures of search engine the friendly, so non website optimization and promotion to network promotion has brought certain negative effects, it is also in need of major revision or reconstruction, all need time and a lot of Work. When we need to consider the construction site of a future website, if you are relying on the marketing or sales promotion, then need to listen to people for the analysis of the construction site, or let the staff to help site optimization and promotion, the first is to avoid duplication, second is more conducive to optimization and promotion.

second: network promotion way, network promotion if inappropriate choice will affect the network promotion effect, because the business is not the same, the user groups are not the same, such as business catering, beauty industry, so micro-blog promotion, Forum promotion, QQ group and SNS promotion community may be more to enhance the promotion effect; but if enterprises do company property services, such as office decoration, translation services, then it can not be through the promotion of the community, through the website optimization, mail promotion, B2B information release and other ways to answer. Therefore, different ways to promote the benefits of different enterprises in the choice should also pay attention to.

third: network promotion of low conversion rate, network promotion will bring a lot of traffic to the site, there will be a lot of advice, but some places at this stage is not good, such as web products and services no show, no one answered the phone call, the product shortage will affect the effect of network promotion etc.. Network promotion is not only to bring traffic and consulting volume, the need to bring the best way to increase the interests of enterprises or increase the conversion rate, only to increase the conversion rate is the real sales. Yishui suggested in the network promotion period must pay attention to the various aspects of the construction, and the rich line including website content under the link so as to enhance the conversion rate.

through the above summary, Yishui suggestion of network promotion needs.