memories of their past network promotion experience, tried a lot of ways to promote. From the forum to promote, to promote the flow of the exchange of the alliance, to now function cooperation, responsible for the company’s website SEO. As long as it is to increase the flow of promotion, hand in hand, no matter what I have done before, will soon see the results. Previously thought to be interested in the promotion of their own, very hard to learn, or have their own talent, so you can get started so fast, make a clear performance. Now I finally want to understand, all of these are mainly based on their own data analysis, the sensitivity of various related data.

one: through data analysis to improve the efficiency of the forum promotion.

05 years, I came into contact with the Internet industry, when the site is something, do not know too much. When entering a small company Chengdu website promotion. I do not promote any method, it will only be the same, is to promote the forum. Because of the low threshold, as long as you go to the forum post, leave hyperlink on the line. Remember to write "refined BBS propaganda method (on)" this article, written mainly how to find material, how to post top stick and so on. But in fact, these are not my key to get a lot of traffic through the forum. Finally have a good flow effect, or based on their own data analysis.

For example, when

began to do the promotion of forum, I chose the TOP100 forum for registered account, and then go to the TOP20 forum have tried to post promotion. Through a period of data observation. Best to go to a 3 forum effect, after only to the three forum. Then analysis the flow of the background data, so as to understand the 3 forum posts which version effect is the best. And then analyze the data in these 3 forums, what time to send the most appropriate. When to go to the top paste can get the best flow effect. Through the analysis of these data, I can use the least time to get the best flow results. To spend the same time or less time than others, but to get more traffic from the forum.

two: through data analysis to improve the flow of advertising alliance.

say next to do their own promotion, it is very difficult to start. Because the price of our competitors is higher than ours, the content is more attractive than ours. It’s hard for me to convince the webmaster to hang up our alliance. Later, I passed the data analysis, which is the size of the advertising favorite hanging. Which of our advertising code, the highest click on the station and the highest. General Adsense in what form to show the best advertising effect. Thus the analysis of these data, I will take these experiences, to convince the webmaster hang our advertising. So I was responsible for the union product, less than 2 months time traffic increased by a factor of 4.

three: through data analysis, to find the most suitable keywords

traffic exchange and promotion of functional cooperation, I do not say today, and we say that the recent experience of doing their own SEO. I do network promotion for 3 years, has not done SE>