Chinese four ancient beauties, both beauty and connotation are admired, but she is the first mining because of what, don’t tell me what is the connotation, pay attention to a woman’s face is. The so-called micro-blog is the same, the face of the project or to drop. When talking about how to decorate the micro-blog positioning, first to talk about micro-blog, micro-blog do what position will have a different style of decoration and settings, your company is doing beauty products, but your micro-blog car, your micro-blog not what effect is there?. And we do micro-blog must adhere to a principle, is to make friends, you micro-blog, such as friends, micro-blog will treat you as a friend. For example, China Lingyan micro-blog, Air China, Shandong Airlines and other distinguished success, micro-blog full of human touch, let people feel a real and CEA, strong interaction.

(micro-blog) face of the four elements of the project

micro-blog face the four elements of the project is the name, template, associated with the blog and V.

1 name

personal or enterprise micro-blog micro-blog recommends using micro-blog name name, which is representative of personal image, easy to form a trust, four word name micro-blog is the most suitable; when it comes to say the name of micro-blog head, wicked pictures of the emperor, with the name micro-blog pictures is best not their real fancy pictures the head of micro-blog enterprise with its own corporate logo as well. If micro-blog can 7 days a week and different head automatic replacement will be much, I think I think. But micro-blog and micro-blog personalized domain name label sector should also note that the label is set as Sina keyword, micro-blog users to search your micro-blog attention increase; micro-blog personalized domain name simple is good, with its own name domain name best.

2 template

people rely on clothes, the appearance of the association is to occupy the Eternal Champion, a suitable for their own businesses or individuals who pay attention to micro-blog template attractive, of course not everyone is the art, can ask the PR company or Witkey solicitation, money can not solve the problem, each template is set to make the best use of.

3 associated blog with V

micro-blog to relate to the blog, in fact, is to provide a comprehensive display of the platform for their own micro-blog to consolidate the fans, but also add V is to increase the trust of micro-blog, you can find PR agency.

micro-blog registered two platforms: Sina and Tencent. Sina is the elite level as well as various types of media to do precision marketing, and Tencent is to open the grassroots. The latest application of light blog, focusing on, perhaps the next micro-blog.

It is self-evident importance of

do micro-blog interactive, often to their interaction with the fans, but fans of the accumulation process, the inevitable emergence of the so-called "zombie fans", the account does not mean that micro-blog is a big fan of micro-blog’s success, and now his face Cheng Zuo in place can only be judged, to evaluate a micro-blog, micro-blog will need to >