according to the largest social sharing "June 2011 – domestic social media tools provider JiaThis released the latest report" share data show: June during the major domestic social media sharing data continue to show an overall upward trend. "The Tencent micro-blog" led by a group of "micro-blog" media increased more significantly, "Tencent micro-blog share volume rose sharply following the June March after ushered in a new outbreak, compared to last month rose 84.5%. On the back of the flow of sina to create a higher return traffic share: 40.33%, specific data in the following table:


a Tencent micro-blog once again, this month rose to third ranks

with the Tencent in June the 15th to open the General Assembly ended, a powerful advantage of open platform Tencent micro-blog further show in front of many domestic developers, such an open attitude and also won the majority of the Internet industry with statistics from JiaThis June social sharing data, Tencent, micro-blog in May to catch up with the happy momentum driven by the war of the Yumeng. The amount of monthly share surged 84.5%, surpassing the "Sohu" everyone "micro-blog" and "Baidu collection" three strong media success among the top ranks. At the same time can be seen: the proportion of the share of 2.68% in May rose to 4.91%, the proportion of back flow from the rise of 6.59% to 3.76%, the two parameters were significantly increased.

two. Sina micro-blog still topped the back flow, back flow is increasingly focused on several core social media

according to June to share data show that the proportion of sina’s traffic back to occupy the first place, from the media day return data trends can be seen in the latter part of the is still some room for growth.

we can also see that with the growing popularity of social media, gradually began to flow back to a few big social media gather: Sina micro-blog 40.33%, QQ 13.91%, watercress 7.71%, micro-blog 6.59% Tencent, 6.4% Sohu, micro-blog 5.67%, more media will occupy the entire social media flow 80%

three.JiaThis open social media ranking query function

JiaThis recently launched the social media list query function (ranking data updated daily). By accessing the JiaThis social media rankings page, the site owner can see from the date of the first 30 days of using JiaThis sharing tools to share the data of the top 20 social media. According to the share of heat in this table to optimize their sharing tool.

JiaThis social media rankings page with the use of dynamic graphics intuitive listing of the media 30 days to share trends. Among them, the share of the share is to share a social media sharing >