first_imgFemale accompliceHe is said to have a female accomplice who also makes calls on his behalf.The potential victim is invited to meet him, sometimes at a guest house, after which he takes them elsewhere and forces himself on them.“He introduces himself as ‘Junior’, a hotel Supervisor, and it says something about the females he has been able to fool – that they are desperate for employment. If you know you did not apply for a job, why go for an interview?” One source asserted. An alleged serial rapist is on the loose in St Lucia luring females with promises of hotel employment.Law enforcement officials are on the hunt for the man who has been described as fair skinned, sporting multiple tattoos and being in his thirties.The man apparently calls telephone numbers randomly and once a female answers, claims to represent any one of several hotels on the Island and makes a job offer. Victims ashamed, refusing to come forwardIt has been reported that most of the women who have been raped have refused to come forward out of shame, but others have been speaking up.The alleged rapist is reportedly well known to the police.He is said to have been shot some time ago by lawmen in a separate incident some time ago.The man’s latest alleged rape occurred this week at a remote area in Soufriere after he is reported to have promised a woman a job as a cook and cleaner at a well-known resort in the North of the Island.The woman was reportedly picked up and driven to a house where she was violated but later managed to escape, despite being threatened with physical violence.last_img