"personal taxes for online stores" topic again pushed to the opinion in the teeth of the storm. Recently, the State Administration of Taxation issued "People’s Republic of China tax administration law amendment bill (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft"), put forward the implementation of taxpayer identification system. Industry insiders predict that once the system is implemented, it means that the network will also have a number of tax payment, shop tax will no longer have obstacles.

not only need to levy taxes for online stores at the time, tax rate, tax subject to determine the rules are perfect and clear, but also to prevent the seller the tax passed on to consumers, to avoid "fleece". State electricity supplier tax should be introduced a complete set of supporting programs, not just the tax, but also should include the appropriate support policies, the only way, the tax can really promote the development of China’s economy healthy development.

shop tax is expected to end the vacuum state

paying taxes according to law is the obligation of every citizen and enterprise. The day before, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office of the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Finance drafted the "People’s Republic of China tax administration law amendment bill (Draft)" and published the full text, to solicit views of the community.

this draft one of the most interesting issues is that the establishment of a unified system of identification of taxpayers, natural taxpayers and corporate taxpayers will have the same taxpayer identification number. That is to say, every citizen may have a unique code that has been compiled by the tax department for a lifetime and is used to confirm its identity.

"draft" increased the contents of a number of online transactions tax. Among them, nineteenth regulations "shall be taxpayers engaged in trade of the network home page prominently on the home page of its website or engage in business activities of the public tax registration information published or electronic link identifier;" thirty-third requirements "network trading platform provided the registration information for e-commerce traders to the tax authorities".

taxpayer identification system to establish a unified, improve the environment for small and medium business tax. After the opening of the shop in a small electricity supplier, will also be in accordance with the management of natural taxpayers, tax will become a matter of course.

in fact, with the development of e-commerce, electricity supplier has been the industry to explore the issue of taxation. In early March 2013, the CPPCC National Committee, Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong suggested that China should adopt "e-commerce tax law", the establishment of e-commerce system of tax registration, tax business on the internet. At present, many enterprises in our country gradually in the north, East, southwest, Southern China and other areas of the implementation of electronic Invoicing, and this year is expected to promote the country to establish tax administration system and supporting electronic commerce business registration.

shop tax timing is ripe

when the shop began to levy this issue has been the focus of attention of the industry and consumers. As a result of personal shop is mostly retail business, in the trade and Industry Bureau did not leave the registration information, revenue and expenditure >