the latest news, China academy officially launched power transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation and create a large-scale e-commerce platform, the National Science Network city. A man is in domestic and abroad, promotion of technology products of civilian professional website, is the Chinese Academy of science and technology product sales network supporting platform for electronic goods, currently only the CAS system there are hundreds of enterprises.


Chinese Academy of electronic business platform

of the state-owned asset management limited liability company chairman Wu Lebin said: "Chinese enterprises have a lot of good products, but sales have been weak." Of man is just for this chronic illness, to solve the small and medium-sized enterprises in science and Technology Institute of business operations in the process of products less, less traffic, electricity supplier personnel less difficult, transfer of beneficial exploration made in order to boost the transformation of Chinese Academy of science and technology products.

of Wangcheng hosted by the Beijing branch of resources Ltd., the relevant departments and organs of the CAS holdings to give guidance and support to the national science network city construction and on-line.

of Wangcheng can also support a variety of business models, self service platform of third party platform sales and online single, Lenovo has now opened three plate computer area and life appliances, health products, scientific instruments, technology products brought together thousands of enterprises in the Chinese Academy of sciences.

why the Chinese Academy of sciences involved in the electronic business platform, perhaps want to do science and technology products sector Jingdong mall it!