advertising is not only a science but also an art. However, the effectiveness of advertising in the end, there is often a dispute between advertisers and advertising agents. Advertisers are not willing to spend the money but did not come in the customer, and therefore, according to the actual effect of advertising to pay the voice has not been interrupted. This call is most obvious in the initial stage of the online advertising in 1999, because the network is the first mass media that can directly monitor the behavior of consumer advertising. Online advertising salesman is very hard, we must convince advertisers to be displayed in accordance with the number of banner ads (Impression) billing, rather than the number of ads being clicked (Click). Over the years the network banner ads hit below 0.1%.

      search keyword advertising mode

      the low rate of online banner advertising only shows that in the era of information explosion, consumers are tired of advertising information. Just because the network can click data directly, so it looks more shocking. However, the plight of advertising will find exports. Driven by the rapid development of the search engine keyword advertising, because meet consumer demand and effect, the effect of valuation (each click on an ad for a money) mode, big advertisers welcome.

      according to the latest report shows that online advertising market grew 26% compared to the same period last year, while the keyword advertising revenue accounted for the overall market of $40%. Obviously, advertisers pay for this model. In fact, as early as a few years ago, the keyword advertising has accounted for 40% of the entire online advertising market revenue, while the traditional banner advertising is maintained at the end of the year did not change. Although the overall growth of online advertising revenue, but the proportion of various types of market revenue as a whole, there seems to be gradually fixed phenomenon.

      nowhere to fall advertising creative

      buy keyword advertising are very clear, the search engine in order to take into account the user’s search accuracy for keyword advertising description must not exaggerate the flat straight. For example, in the advertisement to write "the country’s largest hardware products website," such words, unless there is a fair unit to prove that you are the country’s largest, otherwise it is not allowed. "The cheapest hardware" is also the same.

      keyword advertising can be said to be the most economical type of advertising. Look at the advertising copy, only "the company offers a variety of digital cameras and maintenance services" and "club a SUV, to provide all kinds of tourist information such as the description of enthusiasm. Or just like to express the most drive a duck onto a perch, the information with the least words, "metal,"