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star & CEO Tang Binsen:


China Internet Corporation is the localization of the U.S. company out of the Chinese market, so we think we should also be localized abroad. But this is wrong. Li Kaifu for three years have failed to pull Chinese to server in Google, why brin and page of the market would not invest? They are stupid? Jobs iPhone only one version, or are not willing to do a new color to cater to a part of the user, he told these stupid? We, overseas companies do product is very focused, they would rather put all of the team is focused on a product, is not willing to do a lot of version, do a lot of countries, with an operations team in each country. Many companies do not choose to start the internationalization of many offices in many places to recruit a lot of people, but I want my product architecture, server system, the operating system is not to achieve globalization. When this globalization is done, it will be found that globalization is not a thing in itself.

I believe that Zuckerberg doesn’t even think about globalization, but he does it every day. Rely on a powerful version of radiation, easy to solve the localization problem. Once with a German social network CEO chat. His company has two people, 50 people do development, of which there are 10 people do version upgrade. My heart was cold. Why? 50 people to do the German market, and Facebook is the 2000 person to do the global market. The Internet industry is a Marseille effect, the user only choose the best, do not choose the next good. So Facebook is very focused on a version of all the world’s social network.

Chinese the Internet if you really want to go overseas, relying on the market Chinese suggested radiation ability strong, to establish global business integration ability of radiation such as Facebook, and not specifically to take a team to do the overseas market. When I did the Vietnamese market cast a special team, when I found a line, Vietnam as a scale in Guangdong province. I would like to ask you, you will not every province alone investment operations team to do in Chinese? I believe we will not do such a silly thing. Overseas markets are the same, the most divided into three major markets, one is China and Southeast Asia, the other is Japan and South Korea, the rest of Europe and the United states.

calmly, I think there is an advantage for Chinese companies to go overseas is that we have a large domestic market and scale effect. Many of our products have a strong team behind the support, there is a big market in support of this team. To continue to invest, polished out a good product, in the overseas copy. If you do not have a good local market to do support, there is no way to do overseas internationalization. That’s why a lot of good social networking products come from the United states.

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