recently, recently the Ministry to carry out remediation special action program of mobile phone, CNNIC to carry out a comprehensive domain management, Internet illegal websites will be blacklisted and stop DNS, after January 31, 2010 without identity, domain name domain name template authentication of the user will be forced to stop parsing.

in view of this, some unscrupulous traders frequently to the domain name investors trying to sell personal identity card information to help them complete the submission of CN domain name authentication information. Stakeholders said that the sale of CN domain name authentication information is illegal behavior, will be subject to legal responsibility.

according to the domain name investors reflect in detail, these unscrupulous traders, through IM, e-mail, text messages sent to sell personal identity card information advertising. These unscrupulous traders claimed that the Registrar can through these identity information, the price of an identity information from 5 to $1.

it is understood that in the "CNNIC domain name registrar will, especially of all registered business issued in January 2010 the latest" special treatment "domain name work instructions, all domain names must be the real name system, domain name registration is successful in the domestic English before December 14, 2009 9, the domain name is required to submit relevant information documents in January 31, 2010, individual users should submit registration contact ID information, otherwise it will be gradually stop parsing all domain account.

said most of the investors, using the identity information of others, on the one hand will bring legal risks to their legitimate rights and interests, on the other hand also brought chaos to the CN domain name registration management, suggestions from these unscrupulous traders.