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SARFT issued an internal notice in July 14th, its effect is continuing fermentation.

, the notice issued mainly for the purpose of playing video content on the Internet through the set-top box or DVD." July 19th, SARFT science and Technology Department official told reporters.

According to the

internal notification, the administration of Internet set-top box (DVD machine) to provide audio-visual program services to the TV terminal, shall be in accordance with the relevant requirements of the State Council on the promotion of triple play, in the approved pilot city, organized separately by the radio and television department. Did not open through the Internet via a set-top box in the SARFT (DVD machine) to provide audio-visual program services to the TV terminal license before the certified sites is strictly prohibited to engage in business, not to the content provider’s identity and carry out illegal Internet TV business cooperation.

reporter learned that through the set-top box or DVD TV to provide audio and video programs have two kinds: one is to have a IPTV license Shanghai media blockbuster and China Telecom, China Unicom Chinese parts of the city in the promotion of IPTV mode, two is the number of video sites through cooperation with TV manufacturers, through the network, smart TV or box to transmit DVD video content.

a new round of stop

some video sites and set-top box manufacturers launched the TV version, is the focus of this regulation.

July 19th, Beijing Gehua vice general manager Luo Xiaobu told reporters, some video site and set-top box manufacturers or TV manufacturers launched TV version is the key area of this regulation.

had many video sites have been trying to extend the scope of business from the initial PC end to the TV, tablet PCs and smart phones. In May 18th this year, the color TV giant Hisense announced the launch of the joint LETV LETV TV version. Through the development of music as a cloud video super clear player (a kind of box) or Internet TV to watch the video on the Internet as a video content.


, Hisense Internet operations center director Gao Xiongyong told reporters, "we in cooperation with LETV is in strict accordance with the provisions of SARFT Internet TV to promote, and our cooperation with Hangzhou has a license number of China’s cooperation, the administration should notice broadcasting for set-top box or DVD in Shenzhen and other places a large number of direct access."

addition, Shenzhen Huaqiang North near there are a lot of copycat box manufacturers, the manufacturing box allows direct access to the Internet tv. And including Dalian Hua recorded, including many DVD manufacturers have also launched the Internet can be DVD or Blu ray disc. Obviously these are the focus of the radio and television regulatory notice.

IPTV new game

"if you want to develop IPTV, you must complete the