With the rapid development of

industry market, many industry website into the bottleneck flow transformation, it is very difficult to obtain good keywords in the short-term natural ranking situation, in order to enhance the conversion volume of most of the enterprises chose Baidu for promotion, Baidu hopes to break the current competitive price dilemma. So how to get the results? Possible effect of Baidu bid brought a few years ago is very impressive, but now more and more involved in the peer for promotion, in addition to the natural ranking competition effect decreased significantly, high cost and investment promotion expenses but not for good return, this is a lot of enterprises at the same time voice, is also the author’s own experiences.

Baidu promotion work, we will encounter a lot of problems, if these problems can not be solved well, it will directly affect the promotion effect. Then we tell you about a problem in the promotion will be: Baidu bidding promotion why there is no change into the consultation.

problem: the account of the main keywords ranking stable in the top five, there are a lot of clicks, but the Advisory transformation is very low why


analysis may cause this problem in five cases:

, a very slow to open the promotion page

when the promotion page open time more than 5 seconds, the user may choose to close the page, the user has a lot of choice this time cost is very low, so click on the promotion expenses spent but the user even the web page did not see, this money is very worth, in the promotion work, must open the speed on the promotion of the page to inspect, to ensure rapid normal access, this is the premise of all users through promotion behavior on the site.

two, promotion page is not what the customer needs


is involved in the promotion page content cannot meet the customer or not when customers want, customers will not hesitate to choose to leave, which requires the promotion page to highly correlated with the promotion of key words, to the title of the Party (the content and the title, with serious discrepancies) should also meet the needs of most users; it is not all requirements are met? The answer is negative, a page is unable to meet the diversity of needs, when the promotion page content is not the user wants, whether we have a guide to other pages to the user, or add a page marked

consultation button!

three, new customers visit the promotion page, there is no consulting transformation to leave

new customers choose not familiar products, usually on the price of the product, brand, customer service, the credibility of the investigation, here is especially sensitive to the price of the product and brand in the current (the price is no advantage, the brand is not high degree of customer service, customer service is not convinced) under the condition of customers easily choose to leave, then how to solve it? I think we can create higher value products (performance, special services) to attract customers; customized products for customers.