would like to share with you my first experience in network marketing. In August this year, I went to Jiangsu, Yangzhou, a contact with a major architectural renderings of the company, and the company’s boss and became good friends. Later learned that their company’s business is mostly from acquaintances and local design institute, due to various restrictions so the performance has not been very good. After the discussion of both of us and the characteristics of my expertise, he finally decided to let the company try some of the network path, and I eventually became the company’s network operators. I was considering their company’s current situation, and then walk in the road network website basically is not good, because we all know that this is a relatively long period of work, to achieve the effect of hard time; also need to have enterprise website as the carrier of classified information, otherwise the credibility is not high; so the above two ways to go, finally decided to take the road of video.

to give everyone secrecy, the following is my video sales results, half a month on-line video within their company won twenty-one thousand and seven hundred video through the net profit from the sale.


here picture show.

I would like to share my video sales of the specific implementation process.

1: analysis of industry

1, analysis of the industry

my friend is to do the architectural renderings, he can be based on the existing architectural style photos or other architectural drawings (a lot of professional vocabulary, not very understanding) to make a beautiful renderings. Had decided to help him do the network is also because his business can be carried out through the network on the road, you can not involve any line of contact. For this feature, the network is easy to smooth the road. At the same time, the search results of Baidu in this industry are good to show the content is more professional, to participate in the Baidu auction business is relatively small. The above results show that the network is still a good way to do.

2, keyword analysis

that friend of the network can be said that they do not know, so that they do not know what the beginning of the keyword. I can only speak to him a little bit, and finally we define the key words as search words he can fully accept. At the same time, he provides the search terms are more professional vocabulary, such as: Factory renderings, office building renderings, steel structure plant renderings, etc.. After I have identified the main words, I began to expand my vocabulary. Which I encountered the problem is to get the word through the promotion of Baidu is basically not available, Baidu drop-down and Baidu related to provide a lot of. I set the basic vocabulary, and then I and their employees brainstorming, basically determine the vocabulary.

3, select the video format