many small and medium enterprises in charge of the hearts of people have a habit of following the trend, see other companies have done the site, I feel I have to do a. A website to do, put on the Internet, like a drawer in the business card, no one can see, the site is not useful. It’s a real thing. This kind of website marketing ability is equal to zero. So, how to make the site with marketing ability?

first of all, we should understand, want to use the site for network marketing is not only a one-time investment to build a website so simple, more important is to update the site after the completion of the long-term and promotion process. Only adhere to the long-term update maintenance, targeted promotion, the website can bring benefits.


site maintenance related to the cost of resources and problems, but as long as used in the idea, the majority of small and medium enterprises to maintain the resources and costs of the site is not too high.

so, to make the site has the ability to marketing, the first to make the site dynamic, while the vitality of the site’s main performance of the site’s maintenance and update.

website maintenance

to ensure that the site can be accessed at any time, if the server problem should be solved immediately to ensure that the site can be quickly accessible to people, this is one of the basic factors to create a good user experience. For example, the site is not careful to hang a Trojan, or the virus, should be cleaned immediately, increase the security of the site.

website update

enterprise website is to update the product and description text. General small and medium-sized enterprise web site has not yet a part of the content management system, web page update need to know how to do web page personnel, the Department may not have such talent. But you can do with the network company when signing the contract will take the "update service because the contract terms, don’t ignore the problem, until the need to update to the network company is very passive.

when a web site starts to work, the promotion will begin. But it is much more complex and difficult website promotion, from the exchange links, login search engine, information released to the mailing list maintenance send, all related to professional knowledge, such as learning is not a simple web page making method can be solved, but this part is very important, therefore, have the following suggestions for small and medium sized enterprises website promotion: if you intend to do network promotion, the first search engine promotion (Baidu promotion), quick response, strong pertinence! Then can arrange other employees in the company of some of the free network promotion, free shops such as registered in the B2B, send some free information.

website management on network marketing idea, get some spam marketing network marketing software, the price is not expensive, it sounds like quite helpful to website promotion. Recently, there are some friends in the consultation, asked whether the use of these software. In fact, the Internet marketing software that has been advertised through spam