We believe that for APP

mobile phone pre installed is not strange, is also in the mobile phone factory or we just bought after boot have installed the APP software, these pre installed APP is mainly composed of APP promoters paid for software and hardware developers in the mobile phone hardware and write the corresponding APP implanted in the mobile phone operating system as long as the user, a boot will be easily activated, thereby quickly to fit a variety of mobile phone APP software.

mobile phone APP mobile phone users can make pre promotion when first used the automatic activation of APP has been installed, once installed capacity reached once the number of APP users will be extended too many to count especially like millet, in recent years, the mobile phone sales surge, if installed in the mobile phone APP, can be said to be to achieve maximum APP promotion, this promotion effect will be even much more than that in the website, WeChat app store, and other parts of the promotion effect. Mobile APP promotion has the following characteristics:

first, APP preinstalled software promotion promotion is more suitable for software tools, such as electricity providers, and the industry is not appropriate, the reason is that this kind of software tool is more suitable for popularization, can be received by the majority of users, users uninstall the probability will be relatively low.

secondly, preloaded APP promotion can be preloaded from the hardware and software. Have a certain degree of cooperation between APP and hardware from the pre needs of developers, write the corresponding program installed in the chip, such as the early noka pre installed software is a typical example of this kind of hardware preinstalled APP is often not able to uninstall, because it has been written to the hardware level, the pre will bring some unfriendly to the user, but also do not have to worry about once and for all users to uninstall. The software on the APP pre installed, from the current point of view of intelligent mobile phone is installed to activate corresponding program in the mobile phone operating system, mobile phone users to boot into the system, just click on the desktop picture can be a key to activate the pre installed APP. This kind of pre installed feature is once the user antipathy, it may be immediately unloaded risk.

third, the phone preloaded APP for young users have a more prominent shortcomings. These years with the popularity of smart mobile phone, young 80 after 90 a year or even change the mobile phone several times, thus leading to the pre installed APP may not be able to win the user a high degree of loyalty, but the age is older users, this part of the user acceptance of new things is low, not deliberately or often for mobile phone, mobile phone pre installed APP promotion will be able to better develop this type of customer loyalty.

in addition, the pre installed mobile phone APP promotion costs and there is a certain degree of timeliness. Mobile phone with APP promotion costs are often relatively large, often require a one-time payment of the full amount, because the lowest installed capacity of 100 thousand units, such as start, loss or only hundreds of installed capacity among the users in the process, basic >