I horse: cosmetics retailer, recognized as a model of digital marketing, it will be successful in digital marketing into the overall strategy of the company. One sign of this strategy, namely CMO and CDO, (chief digital officer) held by one person. Julie Bernstein is Sephora’s chief marketing officer and chief digital officer. In accepting the "Harvard Business Review" in an interview, Julie Bernstein will share, how to lead the development of Sephora online and offline.

Q: what attracted you to Sephora when its digital organization structure? How is


Bernstein: Sephora has been a global enterprise innovative work, it is a personal independence of conduct, which attracted me to join. Sephora trafficking in high-end cosmetics at the same time, allow consumers to experience different brands in a store, Sephora in this field is the first. In 1998, the company launched its website, which become involved in e-commerce early Sephora company. I joined in 2007 at Sephora Sephora, apparently has become elements of world-class brands, is willing to take risks, dare to make a commitment to customers, and customers have education enthusiasm.

Q: when you join us, which improve the degree of innovation of digital companies have advantages? What tasks the highest priority


Bernstein: I joined Sephora when shopping, mobile phone is unheard of, this is unthinkable in today. E-commerce companies are still trying to sort out things, and the store has not yet begun to try new technologies. However, based on my personal experience, I believe that technology can make shopping more efficient. At the beginning of the Sephora.com, the site was largely outsourced, and when I joined it, we didn’t have an in-house technology development team. So, the first thing I join us to do, is to establish a website development team. This is my advice to those who created the original digital brand.

I realize that we need a stronger, more flexible platform to drive the future of digital development. We look for the right people and make unremitting efforts on this path. Then we re launched the site, which is far more than a platform to show product specifications, or a shopping cart. Our new website enables our customers to get better quality images, understand more comprehensive products, and provide customers with the way to communicate with each other. We continue to improve the mobile terminal and the site experience, in order to maintain a competitive advantage, and adjust the strategy based on data analysis. So it’s important to have an in-house technical team.

Q: Digital is one of the bottleneck of the company, you are how to solve the problem in join us after


about ten years ago, companies such as Nordstrom also took their web site, Nordstrom.com, as a completely independent business, which is a key to the company’s operations