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the "beep bus" founder and CEO Liu Yixun in the "double week" during the 3W sponsored "off the record sharing on the activities of speech. Organized by the entrepreneur, and authorized release.

I’m here to share some of the entrepreneurial self perception.

about project

is first about the project, in the selection of a project, it is recommended to do adequate market research. I do like the bus trip this project, then analyzes more than and 20 products and direction, and then slowly screening, finally the bus platform. And must be empathy, to experience the real user scenarios. As an Internet person, when you start a business when you think this thing is feasible, reliable, but it may not be the case.

for example, we want to do the high speed rail station and shuttle scenic line at the time, we think this is a very strong demand, because many of the high speed rail station is on the outskirts of the city, scenic spots are relatively far distance, we want three days and nights, our co-founder said don’t think so much directly open. I still don’t think at that time, want to go to the scattered research. So we went to several downtown, Guangdong investigation, and later found that this is a false demand, after the high-speed rail station, there are a lot of passenger car, motorcycle, tricycle and bus is very convenient, everyone in different direction, you are unlikely to wait a bus.

so in the market research here I suggest that we must do enough market research.

second is consulting enough people, each product has its corresponding target population, we think most of the things people do. Maybe you think of a good idea. You don’t want to tell it to anyone else. Later when you run up you will find that this is a very silly idea, the world is so big, as long as the idea, the basic practice of some people. There is no such thing as an idea that has not been tested or that no one is doing it. Most of the time a lot of people have failed to throw it away, so there is a good idea, it is necessary to find more people to experiment with the possibility of the project.

third do not rush to determine what, think more about some direction, multi verification. You want to determine the project, at least one or two months to research, because once you get into it, it is difficult to pull out, and the opportunity cost is very high. Do you like the distribution platform o2o high-end restaurants, Official business expenses limit the market. But when you put down two or three weeks you want to give up, when you continue to spend a month, APP has been developed, but do not want to give up, when you have to spend money to do a promotion when more reluctant to give up, until one day hit a wall, you find that you have wasted years of time. Entrepreneurship is like this, do not start too soon, but once started, it will be fast