Internet tide coming in, companies get together to build your own web site; a few years later, with the blog, many companies have opened a blog to follow the trend; two years ago, everyone knows this thing, micro-blog certification and the moment, the most popular should be micro marketing. WeChat service number has a lot of operational skills, although only limited to 4 times a month, but every time a good operation, only the growth of fans is enough to exceed the subscription number of a week’s efforts. In the WeChat era, enterprises should do, and rose fans, get more customers? After a year of exploration, analysis, summary, Dongsheng information group to teach you how to do the Dongsheng information service number! Share a few strokes, WeChat service operational skills to help improve service, buddy operational skills, enhance business services and user management capabilities.

had to say the first step is positioning. What is the location of your service number, what kind of industry or customer service. As the micro passenger to locate our agents and small and medium enterprises users, so that a clear positioning, the direction of the right. Accurate positioning is the beginning of success!

, a planning service number to

whether it is good to write the article or painting, the beginning of the layout and composition are the most important. Operation service number is no exception. More than 5 columns are generally the best, the golden section of the +4 column of the. Columns to be unified, so that users receive messages will feel very tidy. Most of the time the different forms of the column makes me feel very tired, too much attention to the public number, and it is difficult to make people want to find the column is not neat. In the golden section is the main focus of the most important content, which is the most people click to read and share the most. The following 4 small sections of the planning need to be targeted for specific columns for a specific interpretation.

two, the title highlights the


users will click to read the article, the first feeling is heading heading. Riding the title role, how to write a catchy title, Mr. Anto Katsu summed up the following points:

1, the title with a strong guide words, such as "onlookers";

2, the title into the numbers, such as "5 skills", "the top 7", etc.;

3, the use of rhetorical tone; title is logical, provocative, and guide.

three, content – superb creative value

in the content of the external aspects of playing tricks, different from other conventional service number, will form a unique highlight of the enterprise service number. The enterprise service number basically is once a week, the content of it, every one is not need to edit, copy and paste, to be creative, the rigid things in another way to be more active, more interesting; to meet the user’s reading habits and tastes. Here, an Dongsheng proposal to elaborate, the audience value of the content in the first place, so that not only can ensure a higher rate of open and spread, but also make fans feel that this is a