because engaged in the webmaster this line has been for several years, it is inevitable that there are a lot of pressure, economic, life, psychological, physiological…

but have no time and energy to choose a good outlet, except when in the economy and ample time can choose to travel to your heart, even if the other time in the city, but also no difference in the deep mountains and forests and solitary primitive people, a person, ghost day, occasionally in the sun have a look there is no shadow, I’m not scared of you

5.12 Sichuan in Wenchuan in the past two months, that time of grief, I think everyone in mind, grief is used into power, not to treat the decadent and negative power, so we must transform the disaster to social progress. SO, the national organization for many professionals to the disaster relief, what are the most professional, but to attract my attention is the psychological professional personnel, I think they are very great, most surgeons can save the lives of people, but the psychological staff but can redeem the soul of man, to make a good life the existence of life in the world, doing to yourself, to others, socially useful things, rather than a dead-alive person

has studied psychology or has the enough understanding to the psychological knowledge to know, the emotion quotient is very important, the emotional quotient also calls the emotion intelligence, the EQ is more important than the intelligence quotient. 80% EQ +20% IQ =100% success. Why is this an equation? Let me tell you slowly.

reflects the level of EQ, the people of their own emotional control, state division in the will of the people, if the IQ allows me to judge what is right or not, and create new things infinite, it can let me keep EQ in such a good condition to complete my task. That is to say, can quickly go out from the sadness, grief and frustration in adversity, not always indulge, decadent, in other words, is to let oneself aloof, can not emotional, rational attitude towards life and what happens to you love and quickly make good response. Because life is too short, in such an efficient society, we don’t have much time to spend on meaningless weeping and sorrow, only clear thinking, in order to illuminate the dark road, this is my belief.

so I think, unfortunately, not all people have the money to spend to see a psychiatrist, think that no matter how Duobaiyi is 100 hours, why don’t have time to learn some psychological knowledge? Although less likely to use this a little bit xuanhu psychological knowledge economic world, but can use psychological the knowledge to live can.

of course, psychology and philosophy is inseparable, is to look at the problem makes the dialectical philosophy, psychology and so to better understand themselves, so that nobody can take away your happiness, no matter how you’re doing, I believe that you can be happy without happiness within, at least someone to give me.

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