Go to the Internet today, has gradually entered the era of preschool children from the future, although there is a long way to go, but also shows it began to mature side. Now the Internet has not been announced at the local entertainment news, it has gradually become a carrier to create value for the world economy, network marketing has been recognized by many advertisers, and demonstrate its exciting side.When

network media environment noise and effect gradually decline has become an indisputable fact, the Internet never look at the picture advertisement owners heart is also struggling: "hear what a good network marketing effect, we do not do it?". But the experience of their own use of the network also makes them very confused, do not know how to do network marketing. But if you change your mind, you may find the answer.

network is more than just a media, it extends our living space, just like the extension of our lives. We can take a walk inside, in which to play mahjong, can our shopping to buy clothes, girls can ~ ~ ~ it almost realizes our life all need to achieve the life demand, and the degree of satisfaction continues to improve. So it’s not just a media. Sina Sohu like portal net more like one of the ancient rulers, all day in the morning to take a look at the door to government notices. Individual smart God is on the official gate posted a small ad "Liu Xi Shi tofu, charge, taste tender", the sales of good, so everyone in the yamen gate posted small ads, so they formed a "psoriasis", and his "media effect" is not good. You can’t blame the government, because he is not a media ~ ~. So, if you look at the Internet with this vision, you see, the network can be used as the media or a lot of places, people do not love to eat tofu CD-ROM yamen gate bulletin, also love to study Tofu pudding is how to do, but also to see the soybean farmland is what kind of · to influence their way; many, must be good to find and use the unlimited cyber source.

(the audience began to shout: the above is actually said that the media, ha ha, a little far away, Hong Chenghao still came back to say the net >